• Payment & Ticketing Machines

    With over six years of experience manufacturing bill payment terminals for public administration and service companies (water, electricity,...), We include our new line of compact automated payment solutions, designed primarily for the commercial sector.

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  • Cash Handling Machines

    Discover the widest range of cash management solutions with terminals, to provide your business functionalities like: cash deposit, dispensing, change and payments.

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  • Kiosks & Information Terminals

    After ten years of experience as manufacturers of information kiosks, We have a wide variety of models, though our strength is the development of custumized solutions to meet customer needs.

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GRUPO CR TECNO, S.L. ha participado en la convocatoria de ayudas para mejorar la comptetitividad y sostenibilidad de las pymes industriales de los sectores del calzado, cerámico, metal-mecánico, textil, juguete, mármol, madera-mueble e iluminación, químico, aumtomoción y plástico de la Comunitat Valcenciana a través del proyecto:
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