Worldwide financial institutions have always been one of the biggest markets for technology self. Grupo CR has worked with banks in the introduction of various terminals that give their offices a greater tendency for the automation of routine task. To meet these needs we have developed: Bill Payment Terminals, Passbook updaters, Financial printers, Queue management kiosks, cash dispensers,...


Transport sector has historically been a market with high cash flow. On the user side with ticketing machines and the management side with counters and dispensing machines. For this market we have developed specific solutions on both ends. We have created several models of automated payment terminals for transport ticketing. On the side of administration we offer deposit solutions, dispensation, change and cash recycling.


Tax collection should be an obligation but also a service to citizens. Public administration has had the need to facilitate people this task without necessarily involving banks. For this function Grupo CR has developed a range of tax payment terminals together with a complete software solution for bill payment, tax payment and self-assessment. This set allows public institutions and utilities( water, electricity,..)improve service to citizens, enabling them to meet the payment processed on the premises of the entity.


Retail sector is experiencing a revolution, as did banking and transport in regards to cash management. Why employees should spend time counting, collecting and squaring accounts? Our "know/how" in cash handling technology has allowed us to develop a lot of solutions:


Large safety companies are working more and more in the full cycle of cash management, offering customers renting services from automated terminals to collect cash to their usual services of safe transportation. All incorporating new solutions that bring great benefits to customers. Working with these companies we have developed payment solutions in frontoffice, deposit terminals / dispensation / recycling of bills and coins, change machines, ATM automated payment, Terminals tank low-medium-high volume,...

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